Wellness day 16.10.2020  THIS IS A PRIVATE EVENT FOR MARIA01

Intuitive Service Design Afternoon - Relax and let it flow!


Brains have incredible capacity to produce very clear information when they are relaxed. Let’s relax and open the senses and take both body and mind in to developing process comprehensively. This approach will open the way to customer´s emotional intelligence and lead you to successful innovation process.


Place: Venice Building / Blue Room


13.00 - 15.00 Team Session for max 8 people

Price 420€ + alv 24 % (materials included)



15:00 - 17:00 Open Session for individuals max 8 people

Price single person 45€ + alv 24% (materials included)



















Successful beginning

Art and creativity offers power tools to get through the fuzzy front end of your developing process. With these tools you can develop structured process in the early, upstream phase - the fuzzy front end - where there is often no clearly defined process how to come up with ideas. Same power tools has been used throughout the history by master innovators such as; Edison, Einstein, da Vinci, McCourtney.

Hosted by Mikko Kirjavainen Lapinlahti Art School Mikko Kirjavainen; Art Productization Expert, Trainer Clap Oy. Dream State Innovation Company. Lapinlahti Art School headmaster, Creative Innovation - book author.







Blue room

Venice building

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